Friday, July 26, 2013

Northern Exposure

'Eat three oranges' is an installation incorporating dance, photography and shadow-play to explore how people react to small, yet precise changes in behaviour - the installation display will be up until Sunday  at Shop 234 High Street in Northcote while two free performances will take place in the window tonight and tomorrow night from 8 pm.  Sounds intriguing!  The three artists involved include two dancers Ashlea English and Emily Altis while Jenna Fahey-White is responsible for photography and projection.  Prints are for sale via or visit  The project is part of the Northern Exposure Festival - the High Street Northcote Visual Arts Festival.
Image via High St Northcote website
Speaking of exposure, it's also Open House Melbourne this weekend and I was one of the 5,000 odd people who threw my hat in the ring to win ballot passes to visit the Flinders Street Station Ballroom.  I believe only 10 lucky people were chosen and it would have been fantastic to see inside.  Even more fantastic is that the council has finally started the ball rolling in terms of developing the station although I think it will be another 10 years before the project is even realised.  Flinders Street Station is one of Melbourne's most iconic buildings and the general public have actually been invited to vote for the design they like the most in the Flinders Street Station Design Competition - I like designs number 1 and 4 for very different reasons but this is your chance to have a say.
Image via Culture Victoria blog
Have a great weekend!

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