Monday, July 29, 2013

Art for the heart

How lovely it is to see my friend local mural artist (and Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital artist-in-residence) Lisa Foley in today's Age on page three no less!  She's just finished completing her Jack and the Beanstalk mural at the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg.  All that colour no doubt will lift the spirits of all who find themselves at the hospital - as parents of young kids, we have already visited their emergency department a number of times since moving to Rosanna.
Paris fashion illustration by Angie Rehe
Speaking of art with heart, I did Angie Rehe's fashion illustration workshop at The Light Factory Gallery on Saturday and had an absolute ball.  I haven't picked up pencil and paper since I was at high school so it has indeed been a while.  My fellow workshoppers were all reasonably adept with the process and included a fashion design graduate, a primary school teacher, my best friend Jules who is a fashion buyer as well as Mr Rosanna's aunty Leah an artist.  Luckily I wasn't the only novice there!
Our collective efforts at the end of the day!
Angie is fabulously entertaining and I found out a lot more about the whole world of fashion illustration, particularly Angie's biggest inspirations in Bil Donovan (who she has visited in New York and has run a masterclass with here in Melbourne) and David Downton.  Angie's also looking at printing some of her illustrations on silk cotton squares so look out for these once they are online at her shop as they will be high end and limited edition.  She also writes about fashion illustration on her Patsyfox blog (named after her cat!).
...but wait there's more!

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  1. It was a great day for sure! What a lovely bunch of people to spend the day with, and I was wildly impressed with the beautiful work produced. Thanks to the Light Factory Gallery for organising it.