Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Warming up

Brrrr!  Winter has really hit today and I hope you are keeping warm.  There's a poetry and jazz night at Watsonia Library on tonight which I think is a great idea - a culture fix on a number of different counts!
Miss Marie cafe image via Five Senses blog
The Age Epicure ran a Zone 2 dining guide yesterday and as I have long suspected, it is slim pickings in these parts of the woods, or as they said themselves, 'foodie flat spots' from Ivanhoe to Hurstbridge.  And yes, it is a first world problem but why do people assume if you move out to the 'burbs then your sense of taste and desire for something a bit more sophisticated is automatically removed?  Of course, Miss Marie cafe in Rosanna got a mention as well as Indian restaurant Ginger Garlic in Eltham.  Further north, Lady Bower cafe in Reservoir made the grade as well as Off the Boat pizzeria & gelateria at 203 Edwardes St in Reservoir.

In the east, Redcup cafe in Box Hill is one of the few places you can get a coffee in an area known for its dumplings rather than cafe lattes.  Mr Rosanna loves a bit of roast duck and Simon's Peiking Duck Resaturant and Roast Duck Inn in Box Hill are apparently the places to go if you're out that way.  Cafe Vue at Heide Museum of Modern Art would also be on my list of places to go for food in Zone 2 - I was there a couple of weeks ago and had the best almond croissant I think I've ever eaten matched with a good coffee. Yum!


  1. One of my local favourites is Cafe Lip in Waterdale Rd, Ivanhoe, just near Chocolatier. Have you tried it?

    1. Aaah yes - I have been to Lip a number of times - it's also very good. I went to try Jam & Cream the other week near the corner of Waiora Rd and Ruthven Sts in Heidelberg Heights (near the Macleod border) as well but they are closed on Mondays so they are also on my hit list...