Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy snaps

Well the opening of The Ethics of Style at The Light Factory Gallery yesterday was a big success and it was great to meet many of the participating artists in the exhibition.  Sydney-based sustainable fashion designers Rachael Cassar and Gemma Anastasiou flew down to Melbourne to attend the opening.  Brisbane-based illustrator Kerrie Hess also came down for the opening while Melbourne-based illustrators Michel Canetti and Angie Rehe didn't have too far to come!  Some of the higher profile guests included Rina Chia from Take 2 markets and her husband Andrew as well as Georgia McCorkhill from The Red Carpet Project.
L-R: Kerrie Hess & Sigrid McCarthy photo by Patrick McCarthy
Congratulations must go to the gallery's talented, young guest curator Sigrid McCarthy - the show looks fantastic with each illustrator given their own walls and sections in the gallery to showcase their work and the three installations of 'looks' by fashion designers Joseph Jang, Rachael Cassar and Gemma Anastasiou are all pretty amazing.  I particularly love Rachael's beautiful couture outfits in black and white.
Me with Sarah - photo by Patrick McCarthy
Much of Kerrie Hess' illustrations have already sold so if you're after some original, one-off pieces for your walls, you need to be quick.  I've signed up for Angie Rehe's fashion illustration workshop on 27 July and there are still places left for both this and Leeyong Soo's refashioning workshops on 20 July for those of you who are interested.
The beautiful, blonde and very tall Kerrie Hess and me - photo taken by Rina Chia
Nb. Miss Rosanna is The Light Factory Gallery's freelance PR consultant


  1. Looks like fun! xo Love the photo of you and Sarah.

  2. Thanks so much Emma. I didn't even know Patrick had taken the shot until later. The show is worth a visit if you can manage it without the kids or take them to the teahouse for scones if you go with them :-)