Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Winter is coming

Yes - I had to throw that line in for all you Game of Thrones fans out there.  It is hard to believe having experienced such a mild Autumn, but winter is less than a week away.  I was reading this morning that it's the first time David Jones has ever sold more bikinis than coats and jumpers this season.  Speaking of which, David Jones is actually celebrating it's 175th birthday this year and I do love the store.  I was always a Myer shopper being from Melbourne but after I was appointed PR for David Jones for Victoria many years ago now, I have never really looked back.  I do prefer the brands, the customer service and the store layouts.  There's also a book on David Jones written by Helen O'Neill who also wrote a book I have on textile designer Florence Broadhurst.
Image via www.davidjones.com.au
There are a couple of sales currently on which are worth mentioning.  Obus is having a winter sale with up to 50% off some of its clothing range (limited stock).  Online sustainable fashion retailer Indigo Bazaar is also on sale with up to 40% off its brands and textile designer Nicole Cerini currently has 20% off all her One Planet bags.
Image via Tightology website
As for me, I have bought a few pairs of funky tights from Tightology online and look forward to wearing these over the winter - I think I will always be an accessories junkie!

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