Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sometimes chaotic

Lots on this coming weekend which I will post about tomorrow.  Mother's Day is also coming up and there are a few online retailers that currently have special offers on or are worth a look including Blue Caravan, Elk Accessories and Nicola Cerini.  Both Elk and Nicola Cerini are offering a Mother's Day gift with purchase if you subscribe to their newsletter.  If you're a lover of design, the new Lightly online shop is also highly recommended.

Mr Rosanna and I took the boys to WaterMarc in Greensborough for the first time last weekend and it was definitely worth going to - the boys had a ball with the water playground but were a little too small/scared to try the biggest water slide in the southern hemisphere!  Lots to like - it's all very clean, big and state of the art when compared with a lot of other neighbouring aquatic and leisure centres.

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There's a new exhibition which starts at Heide this weekend called The sometimes chaotic world of Mike Brown - I think the name of his exhibition sounds a lot like my life at the moment!  More tomorrow.

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