Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Plants and Animals

Botanica is the name of the exhibition currently showing in the Access Gallery at the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre showcasing selected work of NMIT Visual Arts students who spent a day drawing in the Royal Botanic Gardens earlier this year.  This exhibition of artworks interprets the natural world and is the first time their work has ever been publicly shown for some of these students.  The Royal Botanic Gardens are always wonderful to visit and if you have kids, the Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden is a must.  If you're heading to the peninsula, the Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens are also a complete revelation (and oasis) with Australian indigenous flora and fauna on show.
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Big Game Hunting by Fiona Hall has also been showing at Heide Museum of Art for a while now.  A contemporary artist, Fiona Hall's works transform everyday materials into vital organic forms with both contemporary and historical resonances.  Her trans-disciplinary exhibition highlights her recent practice (think 21st century hunter's den which is a little on the dark side) and focus on the interface between nature and culture.
Chimp image by Fiona Hall via
Also just a last minute reminder too that Art by Twilight is on this Friday night at Heide.  I think if I had a spiritual home, Heide would definitely be it!

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