Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello Hollywood

I was given complimentary tickets by my client Avant Card who is one of the sponsors of Hollywood Costume currently showing at ACMI in Fed Square.  So today, I got a chance to go taking as my guest the fabulous Rina Chia (wearing an amazing vintage zebra patterned silk jacket no less!) from Take 2 markets and Miss Moneypenny.  Wow!  It really is an exhibition you should all go and see.  There are costumes from over 80 major Hollywood movies ranging from Gone with the Wind to The Wizard of Oz, Breakfast at Tiffany's to Blade Runner.
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You're greeted in the dark underground space by a big screen showing a montage of images from a series of iconic movies and Nicole Kidman's costume from Moulin Rouge is also displayed up on high.  From there, the costumes are grouped into three different 'scenes' which are all broken down into sub-groups.  What makes it particularly interesting is the use of screens - every costume shown then depicts the 'head' of the actor from the movie, as well as other talking heads like the movie Directors and Costume Designers.  Both Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep have almost one section entirely devoted to them and their costumes over the years.  It all makes for one interactive, exciting experience if not on the noisy side given the buzzing screen conversations and movie theme music playing in the background.

I particularly loved a lot of the amazingly detailed and very glamorous gowns from the 1930s as well as a trio of dresses from Chicago, The Seven Year Itch and Breakfast at Tiffany's - the latter two showing how small both Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn's waists really were (tiny!).  The men are not forgotten either, with superhero costumes, suits from James Bond movies as well as a whole host of other action movie outfits in the 'Gunslingers & Blades' sub-group.

A tip for visitors: go first thing during the week and to avoid the crowds at the front, I would actually start looking at the exhibition from the back or right hand side of the space. There is also an associated film program 'Gowns by Adrian: Dressing MGM's Leading Ladies' which also starts at ACMI on 16 May offering a rare opportunity to see some of the biggest stars dressed by one of its most talented costume designers from the Golden Age of Hollywood (1930s). Big tick!


  1. If you loved the 30s gowns you can see many more in the companion film program to Hollywood Costume, GAOWNS BY ADRIAN: DRESSING MGMs LEADING LADIES

    1. Thanks James (Rina mentioned you yesterday) and I have mentioned the film program later in my blog post above if you click on the link. Those were the days of real glamour...I will try to load some images when I get a chance and missed seeing the Diana Vreeland movie at ACMI. Thanks for stopping by!