Friday, April 26, 2013

Local Profile - Mike & Jeanie Hill

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike (Michelle) from pony & pressed the other week, who is just gorgeous.  And in the lead up to Mother's Day, you ladies out there might be interested in their stylish wares.  The writer in me also loves the fact that they use typewriter font on their hand stamped silver jewellery.  There's also a story to tell in that Mike & Jeanie (Janine) are sisters-in-law and have been best friends since they were 5!  Wow!  They're also a little shy so no photos of them for today's profile but I can assure you that they are indeed real people.  Read on for more about Mike & Jeanie.
Name: pony&pressed (Mike & Jeanie Hill)

Occupation: Well, p&p isn’t our occupation - yet - but with every spare minute we have, we design, and hand stamp to order, gorgeous sterling silver jewellery and gifts.

Lives/works: Heidelberg (& Abbotsford)
How long have you lived/worked here? Mike moved with her husband [Jeanie’s brother!] and young son to Heidelberg in 2011 - a month before the birth of her second son.  Moving while 8 months pregnant (and coordinating the installation of carpet, TV antennas and Foxtel, as well as furniture and belongings on moving day) is not recommended to anyone!

Describe yourself/what you do:
pony&pressed hand-stamp your chosen message, date or name onto each gift or piece of jewellery, so you receive a beautiful, personal keepsake for yourself, or gift for a loved one, that is truly one of a kind.
All of our designs are hand-crafted by artisan silversmiths, using only the finest quality sterling silver.  pony&pressed is a celebration of the beauty of sterling silver; nothing is quite as special as a gorgeous gift or piece of jewellery made of a precious metal. Each number, letter and symbol on your bespoke pony&pressed piece will be hand stamped, with an individual message of love, lust or friendship, so each piece that comes out of the studio is truly one of a kind.
Our range includes a gorgeous selection of jewellery including bangles, pendants, cuff links and earrings, as well as beautiful baby rattles, combs and spoons; heirloom gifts that will be treasured forever.

Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne’s north-east:
The space! The trees! The delightful neighbours! While Jeanie is still the girl-about-town, living it up in Abbotsford, with all the bars, pubs and restaurants that entails, now that Mike and her family are more focused on In The Night Garden than beer gardens, having so much space to spread out and let the boys run wild outside, and having so much verdant greenery surrounding them - not to mention having space for a little backyard studio -  is what is best about living in the gorgeous North-East!  Also, discovering a real little community in our pocket of Heidelberg has been a wonderful surprise – having neighbourhood children playing on the street, neighbours sharing lemons from their trees, and popping in for cake and coffee. It’s just like an Enid Blyton book – with less funny, old-fashioned names.

For more information about you: We are everywhere on the interwebs! Find us at all of the following online locations;
Or send us an email to:

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