Monday, January 14, 2013

Pause and Reflect

Well hello there.  I'm back - I never actually went away having had a staycation here in Melbourne but it sure was nice to have a break after a manic year last year spent running from place to place - the life of a working parent with young kids...I'm planning a few more trips to friends' and family beach houses before school goes back which is the nice thing about summer if you're lucky enough like me to have somewhere to go.
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It's not often we get the chance to wind down and reflect on life and the year that's been, which is the thing I loved the most about the quiet time after Christmas with no-one around and nothing to do.  I did want to share with you the book that changed my life which is Australian writer Stephanie Dowrick's Forgiveness and other acts of love.  I read this book on the back of a very dark year some 12 years ago and it was the start of an inner journey which has taken me on a very different path in life.  Up until that time I had not been a very reflective person at all - someone who was deep in denial and more interested in acquisition, achievement and the external.

What I realised was that there sometimes needs to be an internal shift, a change in consciousness and in the way we think and behave (and actions definitely speak louder than words for me these days) before our outer world can ever change and often, our outer worlds reflect our inner state of being - good or bad.  I am now living the life I always dreamt of and I have also realised life is too short to not go after the things I want in life right here and now.  Unlike last year, I don't have any resolutions for this year aside from a desire to continue meditating on forgiveness and what it means.  Do you have any new year's resolutions?


  1. Lovely reflective post Miss Rosanna. Wonderful that you are living the life you'd dreamed. You've totally inspired me to check out that book. I remember it being very popular when I worked in a book shop many moons ago. Love the term staycation! We've had one of those too.

  2. I would lend you my copy Emma but it's somewhere in a box downstairs. I'd actually like to re-read it again when I find it as it's something that's stayed with me all these years...