Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A weekend to remember

Time seems to have got away from me since the year started.  I was meaning to write a few more posts last week but a trip down to the peninsula, another wedding in the Yarra Valley and the long weekend seem to have taken precedence.

I'm not quite ready to start the madness of school, kinder, childcare and work again but like most working parents, I don't think I have much choice!  I have picked up a new client in Avant Card which is going to keep me pretty busy this year on the work front and I am excited to be working for them - more on that as the year continues.
Me and Mr R at Helen's Hill Estate
My Marilyn shot - was a bit windy on that hill! 
Mr Rosanna and I went to another wedding in the Yarra Valley over the long weekend - this time at Helen's Hill Estate in Coldstream.  One of the highlights was seeing kangaroos jumping through the open hills as the sun was setting - a real Australia Day celebration!  We also ducked into the Coldstream Brewery in between the ceremony and reception which was pretty cool for the live music, great food and drink and mixing it with the locals.
Image via Trip Advisor

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