Friday, December 7, 2012

Local profile - Alison Sewell

There's nothing like a bit of glam in the every day and that's something I love about Alison Sewell's beautiful robes and their whole Asian aesthetic.  As a mother, I've spend an inordinate amount of time wearing a very average terry towelling dressing gown so I'm all for a more stylish existence and have already dropped hints to Mr Rosanna about Alison's kimono robes for Christmas.  Read on for more about Alison.
Name: Alison Sewell
Occupation: Founder and Director of Beautiful Robes and Mum 
Lives/works: Heidelberg VIC
How long have you lived/worked here? 
I have lived here for 4 years and have worked here since I started our business in December 2011.

Describe yourself/what you do: 
I founded Beautiful Robes, an importer of Japanese kimono robes in December 2011 after I identified a gap in the market internationally.  With a 20 year history in strategic customer management relating to call centres and websites, my skills allow me to offer customers a unique and enriching experience.

Now, with my thriving little online business, I do everything, from researching new product offerings, to marketing to sales to customer service, managing the website, business management and distribution.  It is a juggling act for sure, but we have a 'rhythm' now and the business for the most part takes care of itself.  

I also offer Search Engine Optimisation advice to other like-minded mums setting up websites for the first time.  I learned a terrific amount from some amazing people when setting up my business, and now I help others to do the same.  What goes around comes around I think!

Repeat purchasing and referral customers with Beautiful Robes is high.  We believe this means that customers genuinely love the product, the website and the service.

Needless to say, my gorgeous kids and husband come first and it is at times really difficult to manage that balance, particularly at busy times of the year.  The family are really proud of Beautiful Robes too (my 6 yo daughter is a shameless promoter of our website), so they are happy enough to support mum.  Doesn't stop them from needing help just at those 'critical' moments though, but the whole reason I set up the business is so I could drop everything and be there for them.  It definitely works.....

Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne’s north-east:
I love the close-knit community in which we live.  There are lots of great people in and around this area, who share similar aspirations and interests.  Of course there are lots of things to do for families like us, but it is also close enough to the city and other resources that we also like to take advantage of at times.

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  1. Thanks for visiting - also, I can't stress enough how lovely your home is. I've been dreaming of your lamp table!

    I'm about to put an order in for one of these lovely robes (which I'd never heard of before this post, so thanks for showcasing such wonderful talent!)


  2. Hi Aly! Please let Allison know you found out about her via this blog as we're planning on hooking up at some stage in the new year : )

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my house - as you will find, your house is simply a blank canvas and it's the people who live in it who are the painters that make it a home...

    We picked up our hoop table for a couple of hundred dollars at the Mornington Antiques Centre (huge shed and it is trash or treasure inside) where we also found our lady lamp and Art Deco Secretaire (with the leadlight panels) - also for around $300 each.

    You can find these on eBay in the Art Deco section in Antiques but I would always physically sight these pieces in the flesh before bidding as photos can be deceptive. The Antiques Centre is well worth a visit as is the Tyabb Packing House - both on the Mornington Peninsula if you feel like a drive. Love from Miss Rosanna x