Monday, December 17, 2012

Exit the Dragon

Well there's only a week to go until Christmas and I am going to sign off here.  I hope you've had a good year.  For me, the Year of the Dragon has definitely lived up to its reputation - a year of change and transformation with a rapid pace I've found hard to keep up with.  The year is also not over for the Chinese until February when we usher in the Year of the Snake so I have another month and a bit of exciting times!
As for my resolutions?  Hmmm, I did manage to watch less TV over the course of the year although not during winter.  My yoga practice has been sporadic at best and my meditation has almost been non-existent.  Having said that, I think it's a great tool to use when you're in a wound up state.  While I also did not buy a lot of brand new things this year, I was an avid vintage/second-hand buyer and I will share some of this with you, as well as some of the experiences I've had that that I've not managed to chronicle, in the new year.

I'll have some more interesting local profiles to share in 2013 and I look forward to another 12 month journey with you.  Merry Christmas!

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