Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I wish...

I've had a thing for all things Art Deco for over a decade now.  I did go on a tour of The Centre Ivanhoe on Derby Day where the highlights included finding out more about the history of the centre in its hey day as well as climbing up the clock tower and having a 360 degree view from the top on a magnificent, sunny morning in Melbourne - the views were spectacular.

At the risk of sounding terribly materialistic, I do have a dream Art Deco watch and I also think if you're going to invest in a classic timepiece that you should buy from a reputable dealer that sells real Swiss watches.  I bought my first (and only) watch many years ago in Melbourne paying less for cash and also duty-free when I first went overseas.  I still wear it over 10 years later.
Image via revo-online.com
If I was going to upgrade, this Jaeger Lecoultre watch is the one I would choose - it's the Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin (is that enough of a mouthful for you?) which is a new watch that came out last year as an update to their classic Reverso watch (which does in fact reverse as the watch was originally worn by polo players wanting to protect the watch face) and is specifically for women.  I love the sunburst pattern, Art Deco styling (the Reverso first came out in 1931) and Arabic numerals.  One very special time piece to add to the wish list...

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