Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giddy Up!

I hope you're enjoying your Melbourne Cup week even if, like me, you're not into horses, gambling or drinking!  I do like looking at the fashion and it was interesting to see the winners of Fashions on the Field.  Peplum skirts and dresses have been big this year so I wasn't surprised to see these featured and while I'm not a personal fan of the colour yellow - I do admire those who can wear it and it does go brilliantly with black (as well as grey, white, cobalt blue and red).
Image via Glamour Drops blog
Of all the race days I think the day is Derby Day if you manage to score a ticket to that and I just like the idea of everyone wearing black and white.

Image via Lil Boy Blue website
I had a pretty quiet one just catching up with the girls for a quick brunch on Saturday at a relatively new and edgy place for Kew - Lil Boy Blue right on High Street close to Dan Murphy - the food (I had the salmon gravalax), coffee and service were all great (but so they should have been given they weren't busy) and I'll be interested to see how something with such an inner-city vibe goes in the genteel streets of the eastern suburbs.  If it's anything like Miss Marie - they're gonna kill it!

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