Friday, November 9, 2012

A festive season

Once Melbourne Cup week is over, I reckon we all go into Christmas mode.  The Diamond Village Craft Market is on tomorrow from 9 am - 1pm while the Fine Design Market in Manningham is on this Sunday from 9 am - 2 pm if you want to start your Christmas shopping now - I found some lovely things at the Ivanhoe Makers Market last year for family, friends and the kids' teachers.
Image via Etsy website
Two of my favourite online retailers, which I've mentioned before, are Etsy and Blue Caravan - Etsy in particular is pretty dangerous...I try my hardest to buy locally where I can but have bought things before on Etsy that I couldn't get in Australia.  Be warned that you could spend many hours and many dollars on this site if you're into vintage and hand made things from designer makers and more.

The Eltham Town Festival is also on this weekend which will be a great day out if the weather is good in Melbourne.  Have a good weekend!

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