Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More is more

Did you catch the Brownlow Medal on TV last night?  I did watch the red carpet special just to see what the WAGS were wearing - it's usually what I call 'glamorous' rather than classy.  Sometimes, it's way more sexy to keep it covered up girls!
Image via news.com.au
My favourite outfit of the night probably not surprisingly, was the black peplum dress worn by Jack Riewoldt's partner Carly Ziegler.  Simple, classic and a little bit vintage-inspired - I thought she looked absolutely beautiful.

I did spy another gorgeous dress on a woman briefly seen accompanying Matthew Richardson but sadly have not been able to locate any images of her.  The mystery brunette had a white Grecian-style gown on - again, very simple but also very lovely.  If any of you can work out who it is, let me know!

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