Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A box with the lot

What a day it's been - I hope you've managed to feel the sun on your skin at some stage.  Just a couple of things to mention - today's Age Epicure has featured a number of organic produce services.  There are actually a number of organic shops around if you live in the north-east.  In Templestowe, there's Yarra Organics at Petty's Orchard (shop open Fri - Sun) which also has a cafe and is a place I've been meaning to visit for a while.  There is also Superfruit Organic in Ivanhoe, Dynamic Vegies in Eltham as well as Kew Organics in Kew.
Petty's Orchard image via Manningham Council website
Online, we've previously subscribed to Aussie Farmers Direct (based in Tottenham) which was a godsend when we had little babies and found it hard to get to the shops to buy groceries.  There is also Victoria Organic Delivery (formerly Greenline) based in Thomastown, Organic Origins in Warandyte and Organic Angels in Box Hill.

Shopping locally for fresh produce is always better and Mr Rosanna and I are still hoping to start doing the farmers markets when we get a chance.  Must nearly be time to start planting our tomatoes and basil...

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  1. My Mum always says to get your tomatoes in by Cup Day, so you've still got a month and a bit. I have been meaning to go to petty's orchard too. Thanks for the reminder.