Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grand Designs

Like most Australians, I love looking at real estate at the best of times.  I was checking out the local pages in The Weekly Review earlier this week and these two houses have caught my eye.
Image via Our Properties website
Ashmead at 42 Grimshaw Street Greensborough is an English Revival manor built in the 1930s and home to the famous Melbourne Football Club Cordner family.  It's located down the quiet end of Grimshaw Street after the turn off to the Main Street shops.
Image via Domain website
The second house is Florrie's at 28 Diamond Street Eltham which was built by local designer/builder John Harcourt in the 1940s and then extended by Hamish Knox, the son of environmental architect Alistair Knox (he of the famous mud brick houses for which Eltham is renowned).

Think I might go and have a sticky beak one quiet weekend soon!

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