Monday, July 30, 2012

Ode to Rosanna

Given I've been bold enough to call myself Miss Rosanna - I did put my hand up to write an article on Rosanna which is out in The Weekly Review this week.  Let me know what you think!  I hope to continue writing articles on interesting local people for them so keep your eye out for these.
I actually spent most of Saturday at our neighbours' place who are trying before they're buying - having moved from North Fitzroy to Rosanna to see how things go.  It helps that my neighbour and his best mate are both chefs and celebrations continued well into the night...the food was amazing - two sensational curries cooked from scratch with preparations starting the night before.
Image via Led by my stomach blog
I also had a friend's birthday dinner at Chin Chin's at Koto Moon (upstairs function room) in Rathdowne Street North Carlton on Saturday night which was formerly owned by my uncle Peter Chen - it does great food with a stylish old Shanghai feel to it and is now owned and run by former staff.  I love Rathdowne Village and Curtin Park where you can always find a car space to park - it's a lovely part of the world where I once briefly lived in a previous life.


  1. Just read your article - great ode to Rosanna! I didn't know you had a resident blue tongue - we do too! They must love it here!
    Love that area around Rathdowne St - I have friends who still live there with there kids and there are some great parks, but I'm with you - much prefer the space out here. Maybe we can retire back to Carlton?

  2. Thanks Emma! Bluey is our resident lizard which we thought was a boy but turns out she looked very pregnant last summer when Thomas picked her up. Always gives me a scare to hear something scaly moving in the undergrowth and I've nearly stepped on her when sunning herself on our front porch...I also have a friend still in North Carlton so find myself back there every so often - I do love a village atmosphere in any community : )