Monday, July 16, 2012

East and West

The wonders of modern technology - looks like Mr Rosanna and I will need to upgrade our computer in the not too distant future...

I had a belated birthday celebration with my family yesterday afternoon at Shark Fin House (the one with the lift) in Chinatown which was lovely.  The boys loved looking at 'Nemo' and 'Dory' swimming in the fish tank (and luckily not destined for someone's stomach) on the ground floor and we all enjoyed the eating as the food is consistently good.  They could do with a change table in the toilets given the number of people there with young children.
Mr Rosanna and I also had a great day out last Saturday in Geelong.  While we've previously travelled through en route to Queenscliff or Point Lonsdale, this was the first time we'd been there as a destination and boy was it worth it.  The redeveloped waterfront with its stylish cafes and low rise buildings and magnificent period homes along the scenic route off the highway were something else - the city was bathed in sunshine and it was absolutely glorious to be there.

We took the boys for a ride on the restored vintage carousel and all went aboard the Thomas the tank tourist train to the circular boardwalk (where the children's playground and wading pool are) and back.  Afterwards we even managed to make it to The Mill Markets in Newcomb where we sifted through the bric-a-brac downstairs before I headed upstairs to the vintage clothing - where it was a lady's dream!  I left with an Aztec-style multicoloured beaded belt and a Chinese brocade jacket and could have happily spent more time there had I been on my own.

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