Thursday, July 26, 2012

Come on in

On our way to Geelong the other weekend, I spied a building I'd never noticed before just past the docklands - the Mission to Seafarers Building that houses it's own Dome Gallery.  This wonderful building along with many others will be open this weekend as part of Open House Melbourne 2012 where you have the opportunity to peek inside 100 of the city's most significant buildings.
Image via website
The other building I've always wanted to see inside is the Manchester Unity Building and it's Art Deco boardroom - I've been into the building before but never seen the boardroom.  Sadly, it's so popular that entry this year is only by ballot.  I think The Johnston Collection - Fairhall House Museum in its secret location in East Melbourne would also be worth visiting as well as the newly renovated Hamer Hall at the Melbourne Arts Centre.
Image via website
It's not part of Open House but I also think the ballroom on top of Flinders Street Station would be a fantastic place to visit.

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