Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hangin' at the local

Miss Marie cafe has once again been mentioned in The Age - this time in yesterday's Epicure article 'Cool things brewing in the 'hood'.  And how right they are.  While I'm not there every day, it's been great to know there is somewhere local to go to that does great coffee and good food.  I was spoilt for choice when I lived in Brunswick and having a decent local cafe has been a saviour since moving to suburbia.  Yay!  We just need a good bar now...
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And while we're talking north and east, Pomona Cafe on Murray Road in Preston was also given a mention in the same article.  Might be a good pit stop if you're heading to the Preston Market or elsewhere on that side of town.  If you're interested in buying a machine for home, a number of friends with serious coffee credentials have all recently bought Lelit Espresso machines and coffee grinders.  Similar to the Rancilio Sylvia (which you can buy locally from Mocopan in Preston or Grinders Coffee in Fairfield), they are also traditional Italian made machines.  Something to add to the wish list...
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