Monday, May 14, 2012

Wonder Woman

I had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday with my boys who presented me with lots of hugs, kisses and home made presents.  Mr Rosanna gets extra kudos for the hand made present - a Lene Kuhl Jakobsen ceramic from Heide Museum of Modern Art - he is a man after my own heart!
We spent the afternoon having Devonshire Tea at The Light Factory Gallery Tea House with my in-laws which was brief, but delicious (the scones are fantastic) before coming home to Chez Rosanna where Mr R cooked a roast for dinner and we toasted marshmallows in front of the fire.
Will asked me last night "which superhero are you mummy?" and I said "Wonder Woman" - I reckon all mums deserve a medal (and that's just for going through labour and childbirth!) and all you mums out there are my superheroes.  Hope you had a great day full of love from your children.

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