Monday, May 28, 2012

Up in the air

My best friend Jules is getting married next month and while she's not having a bridal party as such, I have been given some official duties to perform.  I've also been trying to work out what to wear!  I've bought myself a new outfit (the dress anyway) and have a vintage cheongsam (which belonged to my mum) as a back up option given the freezing weather.  The reception venue is pretty modern so I'm leaning towards the former.  All will be revealed (and decided) next month.  The bride-to-be will be wearing a dress by Australian designer Gwendolynne which I can't wait to see!
The Cloud House image via
Speaking of the old and the new, this house renovation in North Fitzroy has caught my eye.  While my passion is for Art Deco houses, I also appreciate modern design and this one known as The Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan has definitely captured my imagination.  I'm not sure about mixing it with the old (the facade is Victorian) but the back of this is awesome and I also love the red kitchen and bold carpet they've used inside the house as a complete escape from the every day.  Loving those curves!

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  1. Amazing place! Seriously stunning architecture. Cannot wait to see your dress. Love from china, Grace xx