Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In another world

Not one, but two exciting exhibitions start tomorrow at The Light Factory Gallery in Eltham - Robert Knight's 'Ethereal Landscape' and Ev Hales' 'Static Motion' - and run until 10 June.
Spiritual hanging rock (section) image by Robert Knight
Robert Knight is a full time artist who approaches the Australian landscape with a unique perspective that manages to combine both realist and dreamlike qualities into his beautiful imagery.  Knight is attracted by the spiritual element of the environment regardless of whether it is bush landscape or urban cityscape.
Coming down image by Ev Hales
Meanwhile, Ev Hales uses the escalator to explore 'Static Motion' as a concept in urban life.  She has long been fascinated by patterns that occur in nature and now turned her attention to the urban environment.  Ev has been painting for 40 years and is a dedicated artist and teacher.  She has been instrumental in the Nillumbik Artists Open Studios program and also takes painting tours.  Ev Hales has several books published and is also extremely active in the Nillumbik arts community.

Opening drinks with the artists are being held this Sunday 2 - 4 pm at The Light Factory Gallery.  Entry is free.  

Nb.  Miss Rosanna is The Light Factory Gallery's freelance PR consultant.


  1. How beautiful is that? And huge kudos to Mr Rosanna

    1. So good to hear from you lovely Grace and looking forward to hearing more about life in Beijing! Not sure if this comment was for this post or Mother's Day (Wonder Woman) but thank you. Mr R is a romantic like me so I am a lucky woman : )