Tuesday, March 20, 2012

There's a bear in there...

I took Will to see the Playschool show at The Centre Ivanhoe this morning where we both had a great time watching Jay and Abi sing all our favourite songs.  I've previously taken Thomas to see Justine Clarke at the same venue but I reckon in terms of value for money, the Playschool shows are great at $14.50 for a ticket.  If you subscribe online to Kids Promotions you get advance notice of when they're touring and can purchase your tickets online as well.
Image via www.kidspromotions.com.au
I've previously taken Thomas to see The Wiggles and while the big Christmas show is always on at the Rod Laver Arena, they also usually tour in the middle of the year at Dallas Brooks Centre in East Melbourne if you're wanting to go to a smaller and closer event.
Image via www.yogabbagabbalive.com.au
Yo Gabba Gabba has toured a couple of times in recent years with members of Spiderbait, Sneaky Sound System and Powderfinger as well but given the act usually performs in St Kilda, we've missed seeing them.  I reckon the grown ups would enjoy these gigs as much as the kids.  DJ Lance Rock rocks!

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