Monday, March 26, 2012

So hot right now

Well I did make it to the Banyule Festival in the end and caught the last act of the day Asanti Dance Theatre on the main stage.  Nothing like a bit of African drumming and dancing to get you going.  There were some kids up the front but I think the quite complex looking dance moves were a bit hard to follow (hell they'd be hard for grown ups to follow!).  The sun also managed to come out from behind the clouds late afternoon so it was all very lovely and I hope you had a great time if you did manage to get there for Twilight Sounds or the Arty Farty Fest.

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The other thing I want to mention is a new cafe in Ivanhoe that's been open a couple of months.  It's called Creatures of Habit and located a little further down Upper Heidelberg Road after Safeway.  Melbourne's currently undergoing a bit of a food obsession with all things Central and South American.  Apparently this new cafe has a Spanish barista so it's nice to see the 'burbs are grooving up.  Haven't been there yet but it's welcome addition to the area.

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