Friday, March 2, 2012

Local profile - Priscilla Chong

I've said before it takes a brave person to change their career, especially one that has spanned many years before moving into something completely different.  And yet, I do think there's a science (and an art) to both pharmacy and baking.  Meet Priscilla Chong - pharmacist turned cupcake maker...
Name: Priscilla Chong
Occupation: Cupcake maker/pharmacist
Works: Ivanhoe
How long have you worked here?: 20 years

Describe yourself/what you do:
I am a pharmacist by trade who loves desserts and have developed a passion for making (and eating) cupcakes over the years.  When the opportunity arose to set up a cafe in Mount's Pharmacy (where I have worked for 20 years), I jumped at it.  Yes, it has been hard (especially the early morning starts) but I have enjoyed letting out my creative juices and seeing the joy and delight on childrens' (and adults') faces when they come upon the cupcake display - it's very rewarding. I like that we bring a little happiness into people's lives!
Having 'grown up' in community pharmacy, we are big on supporting the local community and have donated to local schools, clubs and charities such as Councer Council of Australia and National Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  We are selling cupcakes at the N.I.C.K. Foundation's show 'A wizard in Aus' at Union Theatre in Melbourne University today and tomorrow where 50 cents will be donated back to N.I.C.K. for every cupcake sold.

Best thing(s) about working in Melbourne's north east:
Strong community spirit evident after fire destroyed Mount's Pharmacy in November 2000 where we received a lot of support and encouragement; nice mixture of shops and cafes where you can basically get everything - nice shopping experience - big enough for variety but small enough for intimacy.

For more information:
Phone: 9497 1236
Trading hours: Monday to Saturday 8.30 am - 5 pm
Custom made orders can be picked up on Sundays


  1. I will be checking them out for sure! I'm looking forward to finding out more about this area on your blog Miss Rosanna!!

    1. So nice to meet a fellow blogger in the area! Will put you on my blog list and have a think about whether you would like to be profiled yourself : ) Love from Miss Rosanna x