Thursday, March 22, 2012

Living in harmony

I really missed a lot of other cuisines when I moved from Brunswick to Rosanna.  I'm happy to say in the four years I've been here, I've seen Baan Thai, Idly Corner (Indian takeaway) and Byzantine (Greek) open at Rosanna Village and, of course, a great cafe in Miss Marie.  I'm also happy to say it's got a lot more diverse in this part of the world when I look around at kinder, school or at my local shops.
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It's Cultural Diversity Week and Bell Street Mall in Heidelberg West will once again be hosting A Taste of Harmony free lunch from 11 am - 1 pm to celebrate the local ethnic community and its cuisine (it was Harmony Day yesterday).  There's a cafe called Sweet by Nature which I've heard great things about in Bamfield Road as well as the more exotic sounding Kelada Cafe & Takeaway, Macmacaanka Hamare Weyne (also a cafe), Marka Cadery and Waberi Exotic Food in the mall itself.  For more information, download the Eating in Banyule guide at
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  1. And also Japanese in Heidelberg - Momoco - delicious!

    1. Is Momoco also in Heide Heights or West Heidelberg? We usually go to Kanda or Toyama in Ivanhoe and I think my first ever experience of Japanese food over 20 years ago was from a place in Ivanhoe. I love Japanese especially in the summer...