Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm feeling a tad weary today - it has been a week of firsts with the boys and I'm ready to relax and take it easy this weekend.  While I was madly running around yesterday, I did pop into Mount's Pharmacy in Ivanhoe.  If you are ever in a hurry or need to get medication after hours then Mount's is your place to go as it has everything.  I was a bit sceptical when I heard there was a cupcake cafe going into the pharmacy but it's been a great concept that actually works.  Will and I demolished a chocolate cupcake along with a babycino and coffee for me while we waited to pick up a script yesterday.  I also spied a mother's group on the other side of the cafe while we were there.
Will's Cookie Monster cupcake
I also wanted to mention a couple of other more inspiring things on a Friday.  Only Just is a fair trade shop that's been open in Were St Montmorency for over a year now selling coffee, tea, chocolate as well as artisan wares including children's toys made by women overseas.  They don't sell online but I think it would be well worth a trip to visit the shop.  Monty is one of my fave suburbs in the north east and Were St has a lovely village atmosphere that's hard to match.
Cushion image via Nancy Bird website
The other label I wanted to mention is Nancy Bird.  Aside from their gorgeous bags, they've recently gone into soft furnishings collaborating with a number of artists to produce these beautiful cushions.  Aah yes, the accessories junkie lives on...  Have a great weekend!

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