Monday, February 20, 2012

Hitting the streets

We picked up our cushions from Finer Home Furnishings on the weekend and I'm really pleased with them.  It's hard to tell from the pics but they look great and have a raspberry coloured backing to mix things up a little.  We love our lounge room which seems to be the only room that stays toy-free these days.

Our speakers have also died on us so Mr Rosanna and I headed to Carlton Audio Visual yesterday to buy some new ones.  Couldn't work out why it was so crowded and then realised it was the Carlton Football Club's family day.  Still it was lovely taking refuge under some trees while the boys played and even better grabbing some Argentinean ice cream after Mr Rosanna made his purchase.
The best thing about the whole day for the boys was spotting a real Lamborghini on Lygon St and having pizza for dinner.  Boys and their toys....

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