Monday, February 6, 2012

A bit of bling

So Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I think jewellery is always a perfect gift for the ladies.  While I don't buy a lot of clothes anymore I am an accessories junkie.  Girls, you also don't need to wait for a man to buy you a piece if you are single.  I've often bought jewellery for myself over the years as well as for my best friends.

While a blue box with a white ribbon is fairly ubiquitous, there are some other alternatives.  Mr Rosanna and I are friends with local jeweller Amy Renshaw and I've got a couple of pairs of her earrings which I have worn to death.  I've even bought Mr Rosanna some of her cufflinks and a ring (call me a modern woman!).
Amy Renshaw My Friend and I ring image via egetal
Besides selling directly to clients, Amy also sells her range at e.g.etal in Flinders Lane in the city.  It's a little more pricey but you'll find some of Melbourne's best gold and silvermiths selling their wares in this gorgeous gallery with a focus on contemporary jewellery.  Mr Rosanna actually bought me a pair of earrings by Cass Partington for Christmas which I love.
Cass Partington U disc earrings image via egetal
I also bought some earrings last year from A Skulk of Foxes as well as another jeweller called Jessica Van Den (who goes by the name of Epheriell) who sells her recycled silver jewellery on Blue Caravan which is good for you and great for the environment.

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