Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A beautiful mind

So I finished my 6 week meditation course last night (and it does continue for another 6 weeks if I choose to go).  Has it been helpful?  Yes.  I will say though like with anything, you need to make it part of your lifestyle and make time for it so that it becomes a habit.  I also think if you're not used to stilling your mind (and stopping thinking) you will find it more challenging.  For me having done yoga for a long time, with its emphasis on breathing and focusing, I have found meditation relatively easy to get into.
I think it also helps if you know a little bit about Buddhism (or are open to finding out a bit more) and some of its concepts.  For me, it's simply about training your mind to achieve a state of inner peace - an equilibrium where you are constantly content and less likely to be affected by things that happen to you externally, a kind of re-setting if you like and changing how you interpret the world and its events (including how to deal with negative emotions like anger and others if you continue along the path).

We tend to spend so much of our leisure time focusing on physical exercise for the body but don't do this for our minds.  The other thing I didn't realise with meditation is that it is THE tool by which Buddhists use to reach a state of inner calm.  There are other rules which apply to the body and speech as well if you are a practising Buddhist but meditation is key.

Image via Melbourne City Meditation website
If you are interested, there is a learn to meditate one day course being held in the Edinburgh Gardens room in North Fitzroy this Saturday 25 March.  Online bookings are essential.  Tickets are $65 and include refreshments and vegetarian lunch.

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