Friday, January 20, 2012

Local profile - Jen and Olley

One of the nicest things about starting my blog has been the community of readers it has created.  Jen has been one of these people.  I sometimes think you readers out there live way more interesting lives than me!  Read on for more about Jen and her son Olley...
Olley the Dragon
Name: Jen and Olley
Occupation: Jen - Research analyst, Olley - Painter and lego expert
Lives/works: Rosanna/CBD
How long have you lived here? We have lived in Rosanna for 18 months hot on the heels of Macleod, Canberra, Timor-Leste and Fitzroy, to name a few.

Describe yourself/what you do:
Being 3 years old Olley thinks he sets the agenda, and I let him....think that.  That's the art of motherhood, that and juggling.  For a team of two, we get a lot done.   I work four days gathering and analysing data on government services, and wondering why economists and social skills don't mix.  Occasionally I try and change the world, but it bites me back.  I chose to be a mother despite being single, and although that choice has limited my career,  I wouldn't change it.  Despite having had five career changes, I dream about one more - being an artist, and sometimes I am.

Olley wants to go on another holiday.  He says he wants to go to Paris 'to know what Paris feel like'.  I may take him to see Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" cos that's cheaper, and less travel time.  He surprises me by never (well almost never) being afraid, not even of thunder and lightning.  And he likes sculpture, particularly those gorgeous 6 metre tall black porcelain babies that guarded Swanston St during the International Festival.  Were they not awesome?

Best thing(s) about living in Melbourne's north east:
The express train, Rosanna Golf Links park, cultural and social diversity in the hood, ribs from Sinner's in Macleod, Heide sculpture garden, having a connection with the past (I grew up in Macleod) and witnessing change for the better (like Miss Marie's cafe!).

For more information:
I am a reformed social networker who no longer has a website or Facebook page, and have only sent drunken tweets on someone else's phone at the Xmas party (evidence that I should not be anywhere near a blog).  If you want to talk about choosing to be a single mum or desperately need a copy of my PhD on how Timor-Leste manages it petroleum revenue (no, I thought not) you can contact me via Miss Rosanna if you don't catch me hanging out at Miss Marie.

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