Monday, January 23, 2012

Kung hei fat choy

May prosperity be with you and wishing you a happy Chinese New Year!  The Chinese believe the new year is a time of reconciliation and that what you do/how you behave in the next 14 days of celebration sets the tone for the rest of this year - something you may want to keep in mind over the next fortnight.

If you are wanting to celebrate the Year of the Dragon - the big day will be next Sunday 29 January in Melbourne's Chinatown.  Be warned that it's often hot and very noisy but well worth the trip into town.  Try to get a booking for yum cha if you can and the Chinese Museum will also have free entry if you get a chance to pop your head in.
Image via Meditate in Melbourne
I mentioned last week that one of my new year's resolutions was to start meditation.  I had my first class (of a six week course) last week taken by a buddhist monk no less.  I've practised yoga for a long time now and in many ways, I've seen meditation as a complementary activity.  Yoga for the body and meditation for the mind.  Both are good for the soul : )
Image via Meditate in Hobart
You don't have to be into Buddhism to do meditation - I think mindfulness and training your mind to be more self aware in general (in terms of your own thinking and behaviour) is of great benefit in life.   Buddhists believe that happiness is inner peace and meditation is one of the ways to cultivate this state so that you are a calmer, happier person irrespective of what's going on in your external world.

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