Thursday, December 1, 2011

Open House

Christmas is indeed coming and you can officially start hanging your decorations and putting your trees up from today.  I must admit, I've had dilemmas the past few years when it comes to buying things.  I think a lot more about my own consumption - I'm much more conscious of what I buy, where I buy it, where it's made, what it's made of, who made it, whether I really need it and how it impacts the planet.  I find it sits more easily on my conscience if it's eco-friendly, organic, vintage, antique, locally made, hand made or ethically made (fair trade).
Image via The Design Files
So with that in mind, I did want to let you know about two things - The Design Files Open House currently on in Fitzroy for the next four days as well as the Fair@Square fair trade and ethical festival on at Fed Square this weekend.  The Design Files is my all time favourite design blog and products being shown at Open House are all for sale - most have been sourced locally by the very clever Lucy Feagins.  Fair@Square is more a public event promoting sustainability but will also have market stalls as well as music, fashion and art.

Finally, Christmas in Macleod Park is being held tomorrow from 4.30 pm - 10.30 pm at Aberdeen Road in Macleod.  There's a free moving screening of The Search for Santa Paws, an appearance by Santa and lots of other family friendly entertainment put on by the Macleod traders at the village.  For more information call Heidi Crundwell on 0417 580 009.

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