Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello from me

Hello to all you lovely readers who've left comments for me on my blog this year (you know who you are).  For some (very technical) reason, I can't comment on my own blog.  At least not until I get someone who's more tech-savvy than me to work out what the problem is.

I just wanted to say thank you - I do read all comments and please email me ( if you're wanting an individual response (if your sign in name isn't linked backed to you).  I will aim to rectify this over the holiday break.

Please feel free to spread the word about my blog - it has been a project of passion these past 12 months - I've realised I've got a lot to say : ) and a lot to share with like-minded people (or not) who live or work in the north east.  Tomorrow's local profile is likely to be my last for the year so I wish you all a very joyful Christmas with those you love and I look forward to catching up with you in the New Year.

Hugs and kisses, Miss R xx

1 comment:

  1. I think I've fixed the problem and can comment now! Woowhee!