Monday, November 28, 2011

Yummy Yum Cha

Mr Rosanna and I had yum cha at Golden Dragon Palace in Lower Templestowe over the weekend and I have to say, the food there is still pretty good.  It was absolutely packed.  We met our Greek nanny Maria and her family there and it was their first time eating yum cha.

Both sides of my family have been involved in the Chinese restaurant industry for many years.  In fact, two of my uncles still have restaurants in Chinatown and my paternal grandfather came to Australia as a chef for Melbourne's 1956 Olympics so eating good Chinese food is something deeply ingrained in my psyche!
Image via Mel:hotornot
Yum cha literally means 'drink tea' and this Asian brunch is traditionally held on Sundays usually with a late morning and early afternoon session.  Waiters wheel trollies full of of steamed and fried dumplings, pork buns, rice noodles and other savoury dishes as well as sweets at the end like the ubiquitous egg tart, mango jelly, coconut jelly and steamed sponge cake.  There was even an Asian version of a bomboloni (Italian custard donut) on Saturday.  Dishes are placed on a lazy susan in the middle of the table for people to spin around and help themselves - it's a great way for family and friends to catch up.

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  1. absolutely one of the best yumcha places in melbourne... loads of space... and parking is always easy :)