Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the know

I've been out on the road locally today.  If you're into all things crafty - there's a pretty slick looking needlework shop called Lazy Daisy which has opened across the road from Rosanna library in the side street (same block as Byzantine restaurant).
Image via Lazy Daisy Needlework
Secondly I wanted to mention a cafe in Camberwell that got a write up in yesterday's Age Epicure.  The Collective Espresso & Kitchen is at 1/3 Cookson St near Camberwell station and the owners are ex-staff from Las Chicas cafe in Balaclava.  Like Miss Marie in Rosanna, they use a Synesso machine and Five Senses coffee.  Will be making a beeline for it if I'm in the area any time soon.

Speaking of coffee, I also wanted to say that All Appliances on Burgundy St in Heidelberg is our 'go to' place for umm...all appliances.  I've been there to buy a new toaster, vacuum cleaner bags for our Miele cleaner, have our electronic bathroom scales looked at and more recently, buy a replacement part for our Breville coffee machine after I inadvertently threw the original part into the rubbish bin.  One day Mr Rosanna and I would like to buy a Rancilio 'Sylvia' machine from Mocopan but the Breville machine's been pretty good in the mean time.

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