Friday, October 7, 2011

Soul food

School holidays are coming to a close and I'm jealous of all my friends who've escaped to beach houses.  My days have been filled with playdates and not getting much work done at all.  Mr Rosanna and I are going to have a little break at the end of this month so I won't complain any further.

Ada Bird PETYARRE image via Art Guide Australia
There are a couple of other things I wanted to mention.  Gooch's Utopia: collected works from the Central Desert is currently on at The Bundoora Homestead Art Centre (a historic house, gallery and cafe) until 23 October.  Some of the work is absolutely beautiful.

If you're an Italophile like myself, you may be interested in the OAE Community Kitchen Cooking Sessions with Teresa Oates (author of Mangia! Mangia!).  There's a pasta making workshop on Thursday 13 October and a Christmas workshop on Thursday 17 November.  Both workshops will be held in the evening at $50 per person.  Bookings and enquiries on 9450 2665.

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