Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

I spent the day in Eltham today - went into the Eltham Bookshop to pick up some books I'd ordered from Meera.  It's a gorgeous shop that sells some lovely things besides books.  Cards by local artists and gifts as well.  I loved the The Dharma Door book bags made by Bangladeshi women - the large ones can also be used as iPad covers.
Wallpaper Hare by Jessica Page
I also dashed into The Light Factory Gallery to see Phillip Sayers and Jessica Page.  I fell in love with one of Phillip's cityscapes of Melbourne and three of Jessica's seven artworks sold in the space of an hour while I was there.  One woman bought the work above as a gift for her baby daughter which is a beautiful sentiment.  Jessica is definitely a new talent to watch. 
Meeting Pool image via Montsalvat
Lastly, I met the lovely Jeannette Davison for lunch at Montsalvat's Meeting Pool restaurant.  The space is quite intimate, the food is good, there's a great big outdoor courtyard (although it is a breezy walk to the public toilets) and I love the wandering peacocks and big ducks and geese all huddled up when you enter the grounds - it's like walking into a different time and place.

Nb. Miss Rosanna is The Light Factory Gallery's freelance PR consultant.

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