Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Second hand rose

I have become something of a bower bird as I've got older or maybe I've always been a hoarder but just never realised it!  In any case, I'm not great at throwing things out especially if I have a sentimental attachment to it.  Call it the romantic in me.
Erin Lightfoot bangle image via Etsy
Anyway, it now manifests itself in my love of vintage and antique furniture, eco and vintage fashion and handmade things from the local area wherever possible.  I've fallen in love with these porcelain bangles by Erin Lightfoot which are a little art deco-inspired.

I also wanted to mention that Eaglemont Antiques has moved out of Eaglemont Village and is now located in Plenty - still in the northeast but a bit further out.  I've also recently come across the Second Hand Shop in Montmorency which I think has always been a vintage store in some guise or another.  If you're into retro, vintage, industrial and collectables, then it's a great local find.

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