Monday, September 12, 2011

Colours of the rainbow

Had a fairly quiet weekend with sick children and cold weather back upon us.  Despite what they've been saying about the state of retail in Australia, I have still been buying new (and old) things for myself.  After the darkness of winter where I mostly wear black (like most Melburnians) - once the sun comes out I feel the urge to start wearing colour again and as I've got older, I've really started to enjoy wearing colours over black.  It helps that colour blocking is in this season but even so, I have been converted!
Image via Emily Green
What have I bought lately?  A handmade necklace from Melbourne designer Emily Green which I bought on Etsy and absolutely love - I've got my eye on at least one other necklace in a different colour scheme.  The polymer beads look a lot like fruit loops and scream 'fun' to me!  And we could all do with more fun in our lives.

Funkis image via
And I've also succumbed to the clog obsession and bought my first pair of Funkis in purple (one of my three favourite colours along with turquoise blue and magenta pink).  Welcome to Spring!

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