Friday, August 5, 2011

Local profile - Jeannette Davison

Bloggers are real people and I was thrilled to meet another fellow blogger in the north-east this week - Jeannette Davison - who has one of the most beautiful blogs called Isiiad.  Not surprisingly, Jeannette has a professional background in art having previously worked as an art teacher and Gestalt therapist amongst other things.  She is also a talented artist in her own right and a former inner city dweller who moved to this area seeking a more peaceful existence near the river.
Photo of Jeannete Davison by Kerry Cross, Nerina Lascelles Exhibition opening
Name: Jeannette Davison
Occupation: Blog writer 
Lives/works: Warrandyte
How long have you lived/worked here?  Just over one year.
Photo of Jeannette Davison by Kerry Cross for Kaya Storm's blog
Describe yourself/what you do: 
I write an arts and design blog called Isiiad, which is an acronym for I Saw it in a Dream.  During the two years I searched for a house in Warrandyte, I dreamt that I found  a lovely home among the gumtrees, where I could give my creative spirit free rein.  Just over a year ago I made the big move from St Kilda to a lovely spot by the river at Warrandyte.  I called my new home Isiiad.  The blog grew out of having the opportunity to 'smell the gumtrees' in my beautiful new environment.  I now spend my days meeting artists in their studios, checking out local artisan shops and finding out what's on at my favourite local galleries. Best job ever!
Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne's north-east:

The early mornings filled with birdsong let me know that all's well with the world.  The way the fog fills the space between the trees and the way that the water 'laughs' over the rocks in the river at the bottom of my garden, is a source of great pleasure.  Even the washing smells better here.

At the end of the day the killer sunsets over the river, seen from my deck, are frequently accompanied by a noisy aeronautical display from thirty sulphur crested cockatoos…it's better than the telly.

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  1. Miss Rosanna... what a lovely post about such a wonderful woman! Jeanette has fast become a widely appreciated and respected 'arts blogger' in the area. As an artist, it's extremely valuable to have such an eloquent voice and creative eye working tirelessly behind the scenes!! Wonderful to see you're supporting each other. I'll be sure to also follow your blog into the future! Thank you xx Nerina