Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Art for everyone

How nice have the past few days been?  I can finally believe Winter is coming to an end.  Before it does though, it will go out with a bang as there are lots of things happening in the lead up to Spring.
Image via Winter in Banyule
The first thing I want to mention is the Winter in Banyule Arts Festival which is held from 18-28 August each year.  There's over 20 events over the 10 days of the festival, all of which are free or low cost and designed for people of all ages.  Keep an eye out for the program which is out today or you can find a list of all events on the Winter in Banyule blog.
Image via Winter in Banyule
Speaking of which, it will be me who is writing the blog to accompany the festival program!  I hope to see you at some of the events over the festival and have already picked out my favourites.  More news tomorrow on what's happening around the place as we say farewell to Winter...

Nb. Miss Rosanna is a freelance copywriter for Banyule City Council

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