Friday, July 29, 2011

Local profile - Fleur O'Luanaigh

I am pretty green at heart and it's hard not to be when you live in this area.  I can also vouch for the wildlife Fleur talks about - we have owls who sit on our TV aerial at night hooting their hearts out.  Mr Rosanna has also taken the boys to Banyule Flats just to see the kangaroos feeding at dusk.  Fleur also produces a newsletter called 'Greenwrap' if you're wanting to know more about all things environmental. Given it's National Tree Day this Sunday, I can't think of a better person to profile than Fleur!
Name: Fleur O'Luanaigh
Occupation: Environment Officer
Lives/works: Heidelberg Heights/Banyule
How long have you lived/worked here: 1 year

Describe yourself/what you do: My position is a grab bag of anything considered to be 'environmental'.  I undertake everything from technical writing like the development of Banyule's new Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategy, direct the Sustainable Homes and Communities Program, and sometimes find myself counting Eltham Copper Butterfly Larvae with a torch at night on slippery slopes of Yandell's Reserve. Any other questions? No, really it is very variable and I can never quite know what each day will bring.  My manager has described me as the 'go to' reactive environment person for Council.  

Best thing about living/working in Melbourne's north-east: Definitely the lovely parks and reserves.  Fortunately for Banyulians we have the Yarra and Plenty River wildlife corridors including the fabulous Banyule Flats complete with koalas, kangaroos and Powerful owls. Take a walk there if you haven't already.  I live two minutes from my workplace and I am a big  fan of the non-commute!  The soil is good here  and I am currently developing a food production garden after having left one behind in Richmond. I grew up in the country on a farm and still very much have the need for a close intimate connection with food.  Living and working in the same community for the community is great! We have three boys and they go to school here so there are many mediums to connect with our community. 

For more information:
Fleur O'Luanaigh - Environment Officer
Banyule City Council PO Box 51 Ivanhoe VIC 309
Ph: (03) 9457 9828 Fax: (03) 9457 4690

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