Monday, July 18, 2011

Flower power

Mr Rosanna, the boys and I actually spent some time in the garden on Saturday - it was great to get outside and feel the sun on our skin after such a cold school holiday break spent mainly indoors.  I am looking forward to Spring and seeing everything come to life again.
Image via Flowers Vasette
My favourite flowers are orchids, lilies and roses.  I also love the smell of gardenias and the look of tulips and camellias (Coco Chanel's favourite flower).  I do love native flowers as well for something different.  When I lived in the inner north, I used to buy special occasion flowers from Flowers Vasette in Brunswick Street, which is virtually an institution now.  In the four years I've been in Rosanna, it's been a bit harder to find a florist with a bit of style about them.
Image via Jaclyn Roma
In the past couple of months, I've had some gorgeous flowers and plants given to me by friends and family as gifts.  One bouquet from my friend Natarsha came from a city florist called Flower Temple in the QV building.  The other more recent hyacinth plant given to me by my sister in law Liz was from a local florist called Jaclyn Roma.  Jaclyn has just opened her shop at 71 Silverdale Road in Eaglemont.  I wish she had been in the area when I got married because her floral designs are absolutely beautiful.  Think I will be finding an excuse to visit Eaglemont Village very soon...


  1. Hi Miss Rosanna,

    You are more ethan welccome to visit my new store next time you are in the area.

    My name is Kathleen Farrell, and I'm an award winning florist. My shop is Floral Impressions and is located at 227 Lower Heidelberg Road Ivanhoe East (directly oposite Foodworks) - I look forward to meeting with you some time.


  2. Hi Kathleen - thanks for stopping by my blog :-) - I'm in East Ivanhoe fairly regularly so will drop in at some stage as I've been wanting to visit my old Daimaru friend Jackie at her shop Chapter One in the village. Love from Miss Rosanna x