Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Born on the fourth of July

It was my actual birthday yesterday.  Yes, I'm born on the fourth of July.  After sampling the delights of Hong Kong (and warmer weather), I've decided I must celebrate one of my future birthdays in New York (that way everyone gets a public holiday on my birthday!) or Paris (seeing as it coincides with the Tour de France).  Back in reality (also known as north-east Melbourne), Mr Rosanna and the boys took me to Yarra Glen yesterday.
It was a great thing to do on a cold, wintry day in Melbourne.  I've mentioned The Yarra Valley Grand Hotel before but hadn't been in there since it was taken over by acting couple Alison Whyte and Fred Whitlock (who used to run The Terminus in Abbotsford).  It was fabulous.  They've created a very cool interior - I loved the pressed metal counters, the huge pendant lightshades and big front bar and lounge area.  They also have regular live music which gives the place a great vibe.
Will & Thomas - rocking horse in indoor play area
It was buzzing - no doubt helped by the light-filled dining area in the bistro and cosy fireplace.  It's also child-friendly - there's an indoor play area and kids menu (everything was $6.50) as well as a seniors menu.  I didn't get a chance to view the restaurant but I'm sure it would have been even better.
Lemon myrtle salt and pepper squid
After having eaten a cooked breakfast by Mr R, I didn't actually have a huge appetite so ordered two entrees instead - the parsnip and pear soup followed by the lemon myrtle salt and pepper calamari - both were yum.  Mr Rosanna looked like a cheshire cat with his beef vindaloo and red wine sitting by the fire.
Yarra Valley Antique Centre image via Willow Valley Store
After lunch, we briefly headed across the road to the Yarra Valley Antique Centre - a good thing as the heavens opened and it poured while we were inside.  It's like a big shed so we actually managed to fit the stroller in and keep the boys amused with all the vintage toy cars while I had a look around.  We came very close to buying another art deco lamp.
Birthday berries and custard in brandy baskets
Got home and my very lovely in-laws came over last night and cooked a special dinner of salmon with roast potatoes and green beans so I've been really spoilt.  I reckon I've now been eating for 48 hours straight as I had my besties around for coffee and cake on Sunday afternoon, followed by the same at my neighbours' place before dinner yesterday.  My sisters are also taking me out for high tea at The Windsor so more eating lies ahead...
The girls
School holidays on for the next fortnight and there's quite a bit happening around the place - more in tomorrow's post.

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