Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An idea for you

There are a couple of public lectures on this Thursday and Friday afternoon at LUMA - the La Trobe University Museum of Modern Art.

The first on Thursday is Indian Photo and Media Art: A Journey of Discovery.  Pushpamala N is a renowned photo and video performance artist based in Bangalore. In this lecture, she will introduce her artistic practice spanning a wide range of international performances and exhibitions.  The lecture will be followed by light refreshments with the artist and LUMA staff.

On Friday, LUMA Curator Ryan Johnston will provide an overview of their current exhibition, Vernacular Cultures and Contemporary Art from Australia, India and the Philippines.  This will be followed by a performance by art-rock band The Histrionics, who have recently played at art festivals across Europe. As well as private shows for Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, opening night parties for the Venice Biennale and underground writer's bars in Prague, The Histrionics have played at more mainstream Australian music festivals such as the Big Day Out.  This event will include catering by the Taco Truck.

These events are being hosted by LUMA as part of the Festival of Ideas Conference.  LUMA patrons are welcome to attend one or both evenings FREE of charge.  Events start at 4pm.

Nb. Miss Rosanna is a freelance copywriter for La Trobe University

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